Jamaican company imported ganja from Canada, minister reveals

Industry and Commerce Minister Aubyn Hill, speaking with 'Hotline' host Emily Shields on Friday
By Halshane Burke
Industry and Commerce Minister Aubyn Hill has sought to provide additional information on the importation of cannabis from Canada.
There has been uproar among the parliamentary opposition and players in the local ganja industry as the importation is viewed as a hindrance to the growth of the local fledgling industry.
Mr. Hill says the importer is a Jamaican company with five start ups for which the ganja is being imported.
Speaking on Radio Jamaica's Hotline with host Emily Shields on Friday morning, Minister Hill clarified that the strains being imported - about six or seven - are not available locally. 
He said the total weight of what was approved for shipment from Canada is about 260 pounds. 
Mr. Hill noted that the purpose of the cannabis is dependent on the permit, which is granted based on the licence of the requesting company. 
The Cannabis Licensing Authority lists five types of ganja licences: Culivator's, Processing, Transport, Retail, and Research and Development.
Mr. Hill could not say what type of licence the local company that imported the cannabis from Canada has. 

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