Plastic Bottles Deposit Refund Scheme delayed until 2021

Daryl Vaz
It will take another year for the Plastic Bottles Deposit Refund Scheme to be up and running.
Daryl Vaz, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, has given a new timeline of January 2021.
It had previously been announced that the Deposit Refund Scheme would have been fully operational this fiscal year.
Speaking in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Mr. Vaz said details of the collection scheme are still being fine tuned.
The Deposit Refund Scheme will involve the application of a deposit on plastic bottles placed on the market and a cash rebate to the consumer on the return of the bottles to designated redemption centres across the island. 
Mr. Vaz said a market analysis will be used to determine if the rebate will be cash or credit. 
The refund scheme will be implemented by a re-constituted Recycling Partners of Jamaica Limited. 
It will be led by the private sector.
Mr. Vaz said the deposit depots will also be increased by next year.
There are currently 360 schools used as depots and about 120 independent depots, which the minister hopes will be increased to about 350 by January. 
He said, during the 2018/2019 fiscal year, Recycling Partners of Jamaica Limited collected 2.3 million pounds of plastic bottles.

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