Sentencing for former BVI Ports Authority director again pushed back

The sentencing hearing date for the former managing director of the British Virgin Islands Ports Authority, Oleanvine Maynard, has once again been deferred.
Last year, Maynard confessed to helping former Premier Andrew Fahie orchestrate a drug and money laundering conspiracy to smuggle thousands of kilos of cocaine through the territory's waters and to hide the proceeds coming from their efforts.
Maynard's initial sentencing date was set for August 21, 2023, after her guilty plea and agreement to provide testimony against Fahie in exchange for a reduced sentence.
But, the court continued to shift that date as repeated delays arose with the start of Fahie's trial.
The court did not give a reason for the latest change in the sentencing date for Maynard, but announced in a brief notice last Thursday, that the sentencing hearing had been reset to March 28 — just one month ahead of the expected sentencing date for Fahie.
Maynard's son, Kadeem Stephan Maynard, was sentenced on November 20, 2023 to serve 57 months in prison after he also pleaded guilty last year to a single count of conspiracy to import cocaine.
Fahie was convicted on February 8, but his sentencing date has been put in doubt after two jurors decided to change their verdicts.
There is no case law to guide what happens if a juror recants an on-the-record decision.

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