West Kingston residents bemoan lack of piped water

West Kingston residents
By Nakinskie Robinson 
Residents in West Kingston are decrying the inadequate water supply plaguing their community for the last eight months.
Some residents in the Trench Town vicinity say the water supply from private and public trucks have been heavily rationed across households.
Speaking with Radio Jamaica News on Thursday, Claudia Clayton, a resident of Trench Town, said they are charged by the National Water Commission for water trucked to the community. 
The residents say it costs as much $7,000 to fill a 1,000 gallon tank. 
"And it nuh stay long 'cause remember you have neighbour and eh whole a dem nuh have nuh drum neida, suh yuh haffi gi dem likkle a your water, you understand me. And at the same time, you still have to tek your money a pay back fi full it again. And a long, long time, anuh we waan know a how long dis aguh keep up for," the woman lamented.   
Another disgruntled resident, Maria Gordon, said some businesses have been struggling and children are falling ill due to the lack of piped water.
"When you have the faeces in the toilet and you don't have enough water to flush it, that can make the baby dem sick, and a lot of baby getting sick in the community, parents have to rush with them [to the doctor], and remember it's back to school," she pointed out.   
Denham Town resident Shameka McKenzie said no water has been in her community since June.
The vendor added that her only source of the commodity comes from her shop in the downtown Kingston market.

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