Convicted Jamaican lawyer seeking TT$96 million in civil claim for compensation for an alleged breach of indemnity agreement

Convicted Jamaican lawyer, Vincent Nelson, is seeking TT$96 million in his civil claim for compensation for an alleged breach of an indemnity agreement to protect him from prosecution.
The two-day civil trial started on Friday.
Nelson filed the claim alleging breach of an indemnity agreement with the Trinidad & Tobago Government to protect him from criminal prosecution and possible proceedings outside the twin-island republic in exchange for a statement alleging a legal-fees kickback scheme involving former attorney general Anand Ramlogan SC and former opposition legislator and attorney, Gerald Ramdeen.
Mr Ramlogan was accused of receiving payment from Nelson after the Office of the Attorney General awarded him a number of state briefs, while Mr Ramdeen was alleged to have facilitated the payments from Nelson to Ramlogan.
Nelson was convicted in 2019 and sentenced in March 2020 on charges of conspiracy to commit an act of corruption and money laundering. 
He was fined $250,000 and was given two months, starting at the end of April 2020, in which to pay or serve three years in prison at hard labour.
On the money-laundering charge, he was fined two million dollars, which was to be paid in 10 installments, or serve five years' hard labour. He was also put on a $250,000  bond for three years.
Nelson is yet to pay any of the fine and has asked the State to indemnify him.
The appeal of his conviction and the fines imposed will be heard in March.

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