Suriname confirms intention to send troops to Haiti

Suriname has become the latest CARICOM country to indicate a willingness to send troops to Haiti as part of a United Nations sanctioned Multinational Security Support Mission, to be led by Kenya.
Suriname President Chandrikapersad Santokhi says his country will provide support through, among other things, a police mission that will be led by Kenya.
He told the online Suriname-based publication, Starnieuws, that many more people die every day in Haiti than in the war between Russia and Ukraine and that little help is being received from the various countries for the CARICOM country.
He said support for Haiti should take place at the international, regional and bilateral levels.
He noted that the United Nations Security Council late last year approved a resolution to support Haiti with the physical presence of an international police mission.  
Mr Santokhi said the ministers responsible for Justice, Police and Defense are already working with the Suriname Police Corps and the National Army to put together a team to send to Port au Pribce.

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