US Government welcomes Transitional Presidential Council in Haiti

The Biden Administration has welcomed the establishment of a Transitional Presidential Council in Haiti, saying that it will help pave the way for free and fair elections, and the expedited deployment of a Multinational Security Support mission.  
US Department of State Spokesperson Matthew Miller also applauded the Haitians for what he says is a show of their commitment to reconciliation and national dialogue, noting that the Council was established after months of discussion involving diverse Haitian stakeholders.
Mr Miller says Washington remains committed to working with the Caribbean Community and international partners to support the Council's mission to improve the lives of all Haitians. 
The formation of the Council, announced in a decree published Friday in a Haitian government gazette, was expected to trigger the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, but a new provision said he would step down when a new premier is chosen.
Those awarded a seat on the Council are Petit Desalin, a party led by former senator and presidential candidate Jean-Charles Moïse; EDE/RED, the party of former Prime Minister Claude Joseph; the Montana Accord, a group of civil society leaders, political parties and others; Fanmi Lavalas, the party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide; the January 30 Collective, which represents parties including that of former President Michel Martelly; and the private sector.
The two non-voting seats are represented by someone from Haiti's civil society and its religious sector.

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