Ratings for NBA finals drop to all time low

Ratings for the NBA finals are at an all-time low with 48% less viewers than last year. 
The NBA finals dropped in viewers 43%, 52% and 56% for the first three games, respectively.
The finals series featuring Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers winning the title ahead of the Miami Heat would see better viewership.
Nielsen Media Research has dismissed the notion that viewers aren't tuning in due to the league's push for social justice.
Neilson stated that the biggest reason for the decline in views could simply be the timing of the season as the NBA usually ends in June, compared to October this year.
Another contributing factor is the NBA competing against other sports for viewers, as was the case Sunday night as the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL.
The 2020 presidential election has also contributed to the decline in viewership as TV networks like Fox News, MSNBC and CNN are all seeing an increase in primetime viewership. 

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