Actor Volier Johnson has died

Basil Dawkins
Veteran actor Volier Johnson has died.
He passed away Friday evening at Kingston Public Hospital.
Johnson, who was popularly known as 'Maffie', had been a part of Jamaica's theatre scene since the late 1960s.
He also had roles in films such as The Harder They Come and Milk and Honey.
Playwright and producer, Basil Dawkins, who worked with the actor in several productions, described him as the consummate professional who put his heart into his work and was "always encouraging and was always a good example to younger thespians." 
"Additionally, he was the one to make light of the most serious situations. When other people will panic, Volier will come up with a funny clip that will distract us from the immediate problem and he will be missed for that," said Dawkins. 
Johnson had also been a frequent guest on Full House Fridays on Radio Jamaica's sister station, FAME-FM.

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