Bustamante Hospital suspends some outpatient services

The Bustamante Hospital for Children has suspended some outpatient services due to an increase in Covid-19 cases among staff.
More than 60 health care staff are unable to work due to Covid-19. 
Health Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton says the hospital staff are under pressure. 
”Services are under stress, they have had to convert some of the regular wards into Covid space - it also means that persons who are non covid are not able to be treated. We have had to cancel some 10 clinics - we appeal to the public, those who have had to experience the cancellation of clinics, to please bear with us , until we can resume some sense of normality,“ the Health Minister said.
The situation is further compounded by a surge in the number of children infected by the virus.
The hospital has recorded 23 paediatric cases of coronavirus.

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