Government senator calls for public flogging of certain criminals

Dr. Saphire Longmore
Government Senator Dr. Saphire Longmore wants public flogging of certain criminals.
She was contributing to the Senate debate on Friday to update fines and penalties for laws falling under the Justice Ministry.
Dr. Longmore made a case for harsh penalties which will work as a deterrent to lawbreakers.
She argued that public embarrassment is one which works. 
"For some of the heinous acts within our society, I am a full advocate for the brunt of the law and we should be using what works more. Public knowledge of offenders, otherwise known as public embarrassment works. And let me go even further to say, some of these criminals, particularly repeat offenders of sexual crimes, especially against our children, should be publicly flogged and made known to vulnerable groups," she suggested.  
It is the second time in recent weeks that flogging is being proposed as a punishment for criminals.
Last month, Owen Speid, President of the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA), called for convicted paedophiles to be flogged with the cat o' nine, which was outlawed several years ago.

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