MPs return to parliament in conciliatory mood following last week's walk out

Dr. Morais Guy and Karl Samuda
Members of Parliament returned to the House of Representatives in a conciliatory mood Tuesday afternoon following last week's angry exchanges and Opposition walkout.
Dr. Morais Guy, Leader of Opposition Business in the House, was the first to attempt to set things right.
He said while last week's events were regrettable, his side is committed to ensuring the parliament works for the interest of Jamaica.
"The fact is though, Mr. Speaker, it takes two sides to get this house working and the truth is Mr. Speaker, your (role) as Leader of the House was found somewhat wanting in that you should have exercised better control of the House. It would not have reached to that stage," he surmised.  
His government counterpart, Karl Samuda, also gave his commitment to approach the work of parliament with renewed focus. 
"I am sure that we have it within us to be very constructive at all times in how we (raise) our objections, how we present our cases, in the hope that it will be reciprocated from the other side," he said,   
A quarrel over the suitability of members of the board of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts triggered the walkout.
Opposition MPs became upset after Mr. Samuda refused to withdraw a comment he made about Member of Parliament for Manchester Central Peter Bunting.

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