NIA calls for resignation of St. Ann's Bay Mayor Michael Belnavis

National Integrity Action (NIA) is calling for the immediate resignation of St. Ann's Bay Mayor Michael Belnavis.
The anti-corruption watchdog is making the call in the light of a Sunday Gleaner investigative report, which revealed that the mayor is a director of a private company that captured government land and constructed a building in violation of the Building Act. 
NIA said if Mr. Belnavis does not resign, the councillors in the St. Ann Municipal Corporation should vote to expel him.
In a news release Monday, it argued that for the public to develop greater respect for the rule of law, there must be one law for all.
NIA noted that it made a similar call in 2013 for the resignation of former Minister Richard Azan in relation to the illegal construction and rental of 10 shops at the Spaulding market.
Mr. Belnavis was recently in the spotlight after it was revealed that he had installed a charging port for his luxury vehicle at the St. Ann municipal corporation building without authorization.
It's been reported that the Integrity Commission recently carried out a raid at the corporation.

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