PNP presidential race could do more harm to party if not well managed - Davis Whyte

Helene Davis Whyte
Public commentator Helene Davis Whyte believes that the People's National Party's presidential election could do more harm to the 82 year old political organisation if the process is not properly managed.
A November 7 election date was set during the party's National Executive Council (NEC) meeting on Sunday.
Mrs Davis Whyte said PNP officials should ensure there is no further division in the party. 
"I would certainly hope that those persons within the party or connected to the party who have the interest of the party at heart, will be able to sort of ensure or encourage that whatever process that they put into effect is such that it will be managed properly. The reports coming out of the NEC yesterday says it is going to be absolutely essential for this to be done as a matter of urgency because if the process isn't managed properly then the party can in fact lose more than it gains from this presidential contest," he indicated.  
Mrs Davis Whyte said she does not expect other candidates will make a bid for the PNP presidency at this time. "There was a point in time when I think Mr. Crawford had those ambitions. I'm not sure, based on what he has said coming out of Portland and his need and desires to focus on his own business, etc., I'm not sure that he would want to put himself forward at this time." 
She reasoned that the only other likely candidate would be former Member of Parliament Peter Bunting, but given his close association with Mark Golding, she noted that it would be unlikely he would contest.
Bunting for General Secretary? 
Meanwhile, with PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson indicating that he will step down from the post in November, Mrs Davis Whyte believes Mr. Bunting would be a good replacement.
She pointed out that he had been the General Secretary of the PNP in 2011 when it won the general as well as local government election.
Mrs Davis Whyte argued that he has shown his capacity to organise and if he so choses, could be the likely person to help with the process of "rebuilding...repositioning...rebranding the party." 

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