Police Federation renews call for tougher penalties for persons who attack state agents

Detective Constable Tameca Thomas, General Secretary of the Police Federation
Following the murder of Constable Kirkland Plummer at a party in Clarendon over the weekend, the Police Federation is renewing its lobby for greater penalties to be imposed on persons found guilty of attacking agents of the state.
Detective Constable Tameca Thomas, General Secretary of the Police Federation, said legislators need to play their part in the fight against attacks against members of the security forces.
Constable Thomas said giving judges more power to impose stiffer penalties is a first step.
"The risk associated with the job is extremely high. Any attack on the police must be seen as an attack on the state and any law abiding citizens of Jamaica. We are calling for greater penalties to be imposed by the courts for those who attack agents of the state," she called. 
She said the federation is trying to secure a meeting with the Minister of National Security regarding the matter. 
In relation to the question of whether it was wise of Constable Plummer to respond to the threat at the party by himself, Constable Thomas insisted that the policeman died a hero. 
"Well, a police officer is never off duty. Let me say that. And based on the response that the member went to engage on, it's that he heard shots firing  from a location. He went to investigate. Based on preliminary report, it was said that the member called for backup. Now, you know, all I have to say to our members that to work to police in Jamaica, it's a very dangerous place now and so self-preservation is always key," she asserted.                 

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