Police under corruption investigation shot during tussle to apprehend him

RJR News understands that there was a tense standoff yesterday afternoon in Willowdene St. Catherine involving members of an Ant-Corruption team and one of their colleagues

According to reports members of a police party went to Willowdene to conduct an anti-corruption operation. Acting on intelligence, the anti-corruption team went to premises where they saw a man. It later turned out that the man was a member of the JCF who's the subject of an ongoing investigation.

During an attempt to apprehend the Cop he pulled his licenced firearm. During a tussle a shot was dislodged from the firearm.

Independent Commission of Investigations confirmed that the Policeman who was being apprehended sustained a bullet wound to the hand. He's assigned to the Spanish Town Police Station. INDECOM in a statement last night, said a team responded to a report of a shooting injury at approximately 6 p.m yesterday in Willowdene, St. Catherine.

INDECOM says preliminary reports indicate that the policeman was shot and injured during a sting operation set up by MOCA. The Operation was organized following a report received by MOCA alleging that a police officer was attempting to obtain money from a civilian whose car he seized. It is alleged that the police officer was caught accepting money from the civilian.

Following the exchange, the MOCA operatives identified themselves and the policeman reportedly fled. It's understood that the cop was shot during a tussle. He fled but  later turned up at the Spanish Town Police Station with a  bullet wound.  He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released into the custody of the police. The policeman is yet to be charged. 

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