Review of Jamaican Constitution coming next year - Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, speaking Sunday at the Jamaica Labour Party's annual conference
Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that a review of  the Jamaican Constitution will begin next year.
He made the announcement during his address on Sunday at the Jamaica Labour Party's annual conference.
Mr. Holness was not specific about what deficiencies in the constitution have prompted the review.
He pointed however to the country's crime situation as one of  the factors which have led to a need for review.
The announcement came just days after Senate President Tom Tavares Finson called for a review of  the constitutional requirement for the Opposition's support to extend a state of  emergency.
His call followed the failed attempt by the government to have an extension of  the now-expired states of  emergency approved in the Senate.
Mr. Holness also addressed the Senate vote yesterday, suggesting the outcome was a sign of  the increasing numbness to crime.

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