Robinson calls for update on Petrojam investigations

Julian Robinson
Opposition Spokesman on Technology Julian Robinson has called for the Integrity Commission to provide an update on the status of the Petrojam investigations.
During Tuesday's sitting of the House of Representatives, Mr. Robinson stated that in its annual report to parliament in June 2019, the Integrity Commission said the matter was forwarded to the Director of Corruption Prosecution. 
"Since then, we have not seen or heard anything of this investigation. While I recognise the limitations placed on the Integrity Commission by the legislation that governs it, it is important for the retention of public confidence that an update is provided to the public," he urged.  
Mr. Robinson said the update is critical in the fight against corruption and is also important for the public to regain confidence in the commission following the resignation of key individuals in the entity.  
The 2018 audit of Petrojam and review of its parent company, Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, painted a picture of a free-for-all at the refinery.
The audit detailed how hundreds of millions of dollars were paid out for contracts that were awarded in breach of government's procurement rules and the company's internal policies.
The report also pointed to acts of nepotism at both entities and deficiencies in their human resource recruitment and management practices.
In addition, Petrojam could not account for just over 600,000 barrels, valued at $5.2 billion.

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