Shane Alexis to submit documents for Jamaican citizenship this week

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson
Dr. Shane Alexis, the People's National Party (PNP) candidate in the constituency of St. Mary South Eastern, is expected to submit documents this week to obtain Jamaican citizenship.
This was confirmed by PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson.
"The reality is that the documents that are in the application are not documents that any individual would have sitting in their possession. They are documents that one would have to go through a process to acquire, so he has gotten most of them and by the middle of this week can formally make the application," he purported. 
He said following the submission it will be up to the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) to determine how long before Dr. Alexis is granted Jamaican citizenship.
Dr. Alexis' Canadian citizenship came to light after the matter was raised by Portland Western Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz. 
The PNP reiterated, however, that Dr. Alexis was duly nominated on October 9 in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution of Jamaica, and so is eligible to become a Member of Parliament. 

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