Corporate Governance Report on West Indies cricket to be delivered in mid-July

The long-awaited Corporate Governance Report, which is being done by a five member task force chaired by Jamaican Senator Don Wehby, is now set to be delivered to Cricket West Indies in mid-July.

That's the word from Wehby, who on Friday told Radio Jamaica Sports that his team requested an extension beyond the initial May deadline.

Wehby said the additional time is being used to carry out more interviews with key cricket stakeholders, including former Cricket West Indies presidents Ken Gordon, Julian Hunt and Dave Cameron.

Wehby revealed that his taskforce also conducted interviews with all the presidents of the territorial boards.

Wehby's team was tasked with revisiting the 2007 Patterson and Wilkins reports, and others, as part of its plan to restructure the governance of the sport regionally.

The other members of the Governance Task Force are regional academic Hilary Beckles, Charles Wilkin QC, entrepreneur OK Melhado and former Trinidad and West Indies vice-captain, Deryck Murray.

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