Koffee involved in altercation on American Airlines flight

Grammy winning Reggae artiste Koffee was involved in an incident aboard an American Airlines flight from Kingston to Miami earlier this afternoon.
Sources tell Radio Jamaica News that Koffee attempted to use the restroom in first class even though she was seated in economy. 
She was refused entry by a flight attendant.   
Radio Jamaica News understands that this led to an altercation with the stewardess. 
International civil aviation requirements stipulate that an aircraft cannot take off or land with any passenger standing in the aisle. 
As a result of the confrontation, the pilot was forced to circle while the purser and flight attendants attempted to diffuse the situation with Koffee.
The flight eventually landed later than scheduled at the Miami International Airport at 2:10 p.m., two hours after take off from Norman Manley International Airport.  
Passengers on the flight were allowed to disembark the aircraft but Radio Jamaica News understands that Koffee is being interviewed by authorities at the airport. 

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