Bankers Association promises improved access to ABMs

The Jamaica Bankers Association [JBA] says its member banks are working to improve access to Automated Banking Machines across the island, despite the continued threats of theft, vandalism and attacks on cash couriers.
In a release, the JBA says there are more than 884 ABMs island-wide.
It says it has taken firm action to mitigate the threats faced and has forged closer collaborations with service providers, law enforcement, and other authorities to guide operational decisions and implement protocols. 
The Association says, in addition to improving access, its members are looking restore thenavailability of cash to improved levels.
It says this will be accomplished with new security measures and the re-deployment of some decommissioned ABMs from remote areas to more secure sites (such as police stations).
The JBA says its members are also looking to increase ABM deployments in key districts to fill existing demand gaps.

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