iCreate takes steps to ensure compliance and governance integrity

Listed creative and education firm iCreate says it has made changes to its operations.

This is in a bid to improve corporate governance and reduce the likelihood of the company's shares being suspended from the stock market another time.

iCreate Limited, which resumed trading on June 19, was suspended on January 18, as it failed to make mandatory submissions based on the Jamaica Stock Exchange's rules.

In a release to the JSE, the company said it has improved its internal auditing process, including increased oversight on audits and the implementation of audit recommendations.

iCreate has also pledged that the internal auditing process will be independent of management.

This process, it says, will be directly managed by the board of governors, which should allow for objective evaluation of internal controls.

The company is also committing to increased corporate governance and transparency to shareholders.

iCreate says the majority of its board members are now independent, with no direct ties to management or major shareholders.

Training has also been provided to board members, so they can have a better understanding of the regulatory requirements.

The company also says it has hired an experienced accounting professional, expanding its financial reporting team.

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