Boy blinded by teacher testifies at her trial

The eleven year old boy who lost sight in one of his eyes after being struck in the face by his primary school teacher, gave testimony at the start of her trial today.    

The teacher, Patricia Perry, went on trial on assault charges before the Corporate Area Criminal Court.

Ms Perry was charged last year under section 9 of the Child Care and Protection Act - two years after she accidentally damage the eye of her student, Tajoery Small.

In opening arguments today, government prosecutors led evidence that in December 2009, Ms Perry, a teacher at the New Providence Primary School in St Andrew, was flogging one of her students, when  Tajoery came up behind her.

During the flogging the buckle from the belt struck the little boy in the eye.

Tajoery suffered severe damage to the cornea and lens of the eye.

The prosecution today argued that the act of flogging is not allowed in law and that Ms Perry committed an illegal act by flogging her students.

In his testimony today, Tajoery, said he was struck in the face by the tip of the belt.

However, under cross examination by the defence, led by Christopher Townsend, the little boy said he wasn't sure what struck him in the face.

The trial continues on October 17.

Ms Perry's attorneys argue that she did nothing wrong in law and that the entire matter with her student was unfortunate.

The Office of the Children's Advocate, OCA, had brought the matter to the attention of the authorities, arguing that the school teacher was in breach of the law as corporal punishment or flogging has been outlawed.

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