Candidates in Lime Hall Division confident ahead of Monday's poll

People's National Party's Desmond Gilmore and the Jamaica Labour Party's Genevor Gordon-Bailey
By Nakinskie Robinson    
In what is expected to be a tense rematch in the local government election, the two candidates going head to head in the Lime Hall Division in St. Ann say their bases are energised and ready to secure victory come Monday.
The People's National Party's Desmond Gilmore, a former Mayor of St. Ann's Bay, says his stewardship in the division is performance-driven and does not compare to that of other candidates.
He is expecting to reclaim the division for his party. 
"I can point to things that I would have done, I would have accomplished here and say to them, having done that, let us now compare my scorecard with the scorecard of the present councillor and they can make their decision from there. I am totally, absolutely 100% convinced that we can take back the Lime Hall division and I am 100% totally convinced not that we can, that we will be taking back the Lime Hall division, come Monday, the 26th of February," he declared. 
Mr. Gilmore said he is confident the PNP can secure at least 10 divisions in St. Ann.
But the incumbent in the Lime Hall Division, the Jamaica Labour Party's Genevor Gordon-Bailey, in a fiery remark, labelled Mr. Gilmore's pronouncements as unhinged.
She is confident of a clean sweep for the JLP in St. Ann. 
"Eight females and eight males running for the Jamaica Labour Party as candidates and I would want to say we may create a Grenada where we have 16 JLP councillors sitting in the St. Ann Municipal Corporation."
She said the people of Lime Hall have already proven they no longer have confidence in Mr. Gilmore, as she touted their 20-year age difference, suggesting she had more time to give. 
"In 2016 I was not this confident and comfortable believing that the people will look around their community and see the work that I have done, and they will not embarrass themselves to take them back to darker days," she maintained. 
Mrs. Gordon-Bailey unseated Mr. Gilmore in the 2016 local government election when he was also Mayor of St. Ann's Bay.
Their first showdown was in the 2012 election where Mr. Gilmore won the division.

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