CISOCA urges victims to report cases

Detective Corporal Natasha Dixon, head of the the Mount Salem-based CISOCA
By Racquel Porter
The Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) in St. James is urging victims to report cases.
The centre is also reporting a 60 per cent clear up of cases in the parish.
Detective Corporal Natasha Dixon, head of the the Mount Salem-based CISOCA, said victims who remain silent hold on to crucial information that could put their abusers behind bars.
"Once a report is made to us, we go in depth, we ensure that the investigation is done properly, we follow-up with the witnesses as much as possible to ensure that the case is solved. There are times that we might not know the perpetrators but once the perpetrators are known, I can assure you that we’ll do our endeavor best to ensure that these persons pay for what they do," she insisted. 
Detective Corporal Dixon expressed disappointment that despite the availability of the CISOCA office, people often hesitate to report cases of abuse for fear that their cases will be ignored.
"So I just want to take this time out to urge persons, parents in particular, listen to your children. Don’t take it for granted that it’s just a normal sexual offence and nothing will come out of it. No. Listen to your children, and of course, report it, because if you fail to report, it is also an offence."  

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