EOJ completes final count for 150 of 228 electoral divisions

By Nakinskie Robinson   
Up to mid-afternoon, the final counting of ballots has been completed for a total of 150 of 228 electoral divisions in the February 26 Local Government Election.
The Electoral Office of Jamaica says the final count for two electoral divisions in the Portmore Municipality mayoral race are also complete.
Based on the latest results from the EOJ, 75 divisions have been won by the Jamaica Labour Party and 74 by the People's National Party. 
In Portland, Fairy Hill and St. Margaret's Bay are among the divisions that have been complete and are now held by the JLP, bringing their total to four and two for the PNP.
Nine divisions have now been confirmed in St. Mary, with four for the JLP and five for the PNP.
For neighbouring St. Ann, the PNP has officially secured victory in five divisions, while the ruling JLP has moved up to eight.
In St. Thomas, six of ten divisions are now confirmed, with five held by the JLP and one by the PNP.
In the West, the JLP has received the nod in all seven confirmed divisions in St. James as well as Little London, Westmoreland.
The opposition has officially clinched three others in Westmoreland.
The PNP also managed to officially grab three divisions in Trelawny, while the JLP now holds four.
Hanover has been confirmed with six seats for the PNP.
In the central part of the island, the JLP has a confirmed victory in four divisions and the PNP holds two in St. Elizabeth.
Of the 15 divisions in Manchester, the PNP so far secured seven and the JLP three, while three divisions have so far been confirmed for the PNP in Clarendon and eight for the JLP.
Across St. Catherine, the EOJ has confirmed seven divisions under the win column for the PNP and one additional division for the JLP bringing their current total to two.
Confirmation has also been given in favour of the PNP for another seven seats in St. Andrew leaving the governing party so far with five.
The final counting of ballots continues for the remaining 141 divisions.
There are two phases to the counting process – the preliminary count, which was completed on Monday night, and the final count.
The final count started on Tuesday, the day after the election, and is carried out by the Returning Officers.
At the final count, the Returning Officer opens the sealed ballot boxes in the presence of the candidates or their representatives and examines and counts the ballots individually, allowing the candidates and their agents to view the ballots.

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