Jean-Ann Panton's case management hearing postponed to May 2024

A report from Racquel Porter
By Racquel Porter    
A partly heard plea and case management hearing in the multi-million dollar fraud case against former Stocks and Securities Limited wealth advisor Jean-Ann Panton was on Wednesday postponed until May 27, next year.
The matter was postponed for her attorney to assess electronic documents and take written instructions from his client. 
When the matter was called up in the Supreme Court Wednesday morning, the prosecution said the case file was complete.
The report from the JCF's Communication Forensics and Cybercrime Division and compact disc discovery, which were outstanding, have been disclosed to the defence.
The court also heard that the prosecution completed disclosure to the defence electronically.
But while Ms. Panton's attorney Sylvester Hemmings acknowledged receipt of the documents, he noted that he is not finished examining them, and as a result, has not taken further instructions from his client.
Mr. Hemmings explained that the documents are on a computer that poses several challenges for him.
He also requested a hard copy, however, the prosecution told him that a large amount of paper documents were disclosed to the previous defence attorney.
The prosecution also pointed out that it is not in a position to print the documents that were disclosed ojn Wednesday and is having challenges of its own.
Justice Vinette Graham-Allen told Mr. Hemmings that the prosecution has fulfilled its duty of disclosure.
She also urged Mr. Hemmings to keep up with technology as the system will soon become digitised.
Jean-Ann Panton is facing a 21-count indictment containing charges of forgery, larceny as a servant, and engaging in a transaction involving criminal property.

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