JLP confident of victory in KSAMC; PNP predicts sweep in Westmoreland

Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams
By Nakinskie Robinson    
Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams has declared that the Jamaica Labour Party will retain its hold on the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation.
Mr. Williams, who was speaking with Radio Jamaica News, said based on information gathered on the ground, he is confident the JLP will win by a larger majority in the February 26 local government election compared with 2016. 
"Based on what we are seeing and the reports we have been getting from the field and from the data we have is that the PNP will suffer its largest defeat at the polls in a local government election in Kingston and St. Andrew.... That is what we are seeing on the ground. We have tested it and it's true. It will happen," he asserted. 
Mr. Williams said the ruling party will unseat several People's National Party councillors across the two parishes. 
"There are divisions that we will flip in Kingston and St. Andrew that will not only stun the PNP but will stun this country, similar to what happened with Kingston Central in the 2020 general elections, when Kingston Central flipped to the JLP and stunned this country," he maintained. 
At the same time, the People's National Party is confident it will perform well in Westmoreland. 
PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell said the party has completed polls in nine of the fourteen Westmoreland divisions and will sweep all the divisions in the eastern section of the parish.
Following the poll conducted by Market Research Services, Dr. Campbell said the PNP will win the Whitehouse, Darliston, Leamington, and Bethel Town divisions in Eastern Westmoreland.
He added that in all seats, the PNP had double-digit leads.
Dr. Campbell disclosed that the party leads comfortably in three of the five divisions in Central Westmoreland.
He said, of the nine divisions polled, the party leads in seven.
The party said it will soon complete its polls in the Western Westmoreland divisions.
Dr. Campbell said despite the party being pleased with the polls, it was not an invitation to be complacent.
He said the party remains motivated throughout the campaign period and that the polls are a clear indication that it is regaining its dominance in the traditionally PNP-supported parish.

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