"Keith Clarke case": Mystery license plate and rumpled bed

By Racquel Porter
A mystery license plate and rumpled bed were put forward by one of the defence attorneys as evidence that men were hiding at the home of businessman Keith Clarke.
The suggestion was also made that the damage to the windscreen of two motor vehicles parked in the driveway was caused by men firing at the security forces.
But Keith Clarke's widow, Dr Claudette Clarke rejected the suggestions and maintained that no one was inside her house.
During cross examination King's Counsel Peter Champagnie showed Dr Clarke close to 20 crime scene photographs.
Counting the holes in the front windscreen of one of the motor vehicles, Mr Champagnie asked Dr Clarke, if she knew who caused the damage to the windscreen.
In response, Dr Clarke said "Certainly not me!"
Mr Champagnie asked the widow if she was able to accept or deny a suggestion that gunmen were on the outside of her premises on May 27, 2010.
But Dr Clarke made it clear that she was unable to accept or deny the suggestion because she was not outside.
It was at this point that Mr Champagnie suggested that the damage to the windshield was caused by gunmen firing at the security forces.
The educator said she didn't know.
Earlier in the proceedings Mr Champagnie pointed out a license plate to Dr Clarke, which was different from those affixed to both vehicles photographed in her drive way on the day in question, to which she said she did not know how the unattached plate got on the property.
Zoning in on a photograph of a rumpled bed in the basement, Mr Champagnie asked the witness if the bed in the basement was always made up and that no one used it.
In response, Dr Clarke said that would have been the norm.
She also explained that the bed in the basement would was used in April 2010, when her daughter had her birthday party and some of her friends stayed over. 
Citing an excerpt from a statement Dr Clarke gave to INDECOM, Mr Champagnie said the bed in the basement was always made and no one uses it, but Dr Clarke stated that she did not know when the photo was taken.

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