Most Jamaicans disapprove of gas tax - RJRGLEANER poll

The majority of Jamaicans disapprove of the current tax arrangements on gas.
That's the finding of the latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll.
There have been calls for a suspension of the fuel tax to ease the pressure on Jamaican consumers.
The field work, conducted last month, shows that 63 per cent of Jamaicans feel the tax on gas is not necessary, while another 29 per cent of those interviewed said it is necessary.
Eighty-six per cent of the Jamaican population said the government should reduce or lower the gas tax because of the increase in oil prices.
Another nine per cent said the government should not reduce the gas tax.
Jamaicans have been feeling the effects of rising oil prices due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
As at Wednesday, August 10, global oil prices settled at $91.93 a barrel.
Locally, Petrojam is selling a litre of 87 gasoline for a little more than $209.
In June, the same commodity was being sold for a little more than $215.
The taxes on fuel contribute to the price consumers pay at the pumps.
There is a special consumption tax (SCT) added to each litre, plus a 10 per cent ad valorem tax. 
Retailers also add their mark ups.
In May, the People's National Party (PNP) led a demonstration, urging the government to reduce the taxes.
So far, the government has not relented, arguing that a reduction in taxes in one area will have to be absorbed by another sector.
Instead, government gave public passenger vehicle operators a $25,000 grant to buy gas.
Customers of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) who use less than 200 kilowatt hours also received a 20 per cent subsidy. 

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