Opposition Leader calls for gov't to fix Sandy Gully

Opposition Leader Mark Golding is calling for the government to address significant damage to Sandy Gully in St. Andrew.
Mr. Golding says on Monday he toured the lower part of the Sandy Gully, specifically the West Bay Farm Road and Seaview Gardens end, to assess the damage to the gully's floor and protective walls.
He says the deterioration of this critical infrastructure poses a serious threat to the lives and properties of residents on both sides of the gully, including the communities of Washington Gardens, Seaview Gardens, and Waterhouse.
Mr. Golding argues that urgent action is required to address these issues.
The Opposition Leader says while the recent cleaning of a section of the gully improved water flow under the Spanish Town Road bridge, the scale of the problem is evident from the overgrowth of trees obstructing water flow in the Seaview Gardens section of the gully.
This blockage, he says, threatens the safety of residents in the surrounding community.

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