Police launch manhunt for suspects in St. James triple murder

By Kimone Witter 
The St. James police have launched a manhunt for the two suspects behind Tuesday's deadly attack in the division which left three people dead.
Seventeen-year-old Jaydon Bennett, 26-year old Rashaun Williams and 62-year-old fisherman, David West, were killed in the attack at 16 Upper King Street in St. James.
A police team confronted the hoodlums who left behind two weapons following a shootout.
It's reported that sometime after 5 p.m., the police were called to Upper King Street to respond to a shooting.
They were greeted with gunfire which led to an exchange.
When the shooting subsided, the three victims were seen with bullet wounds at separate locations.
They were pronounced dead at hospital.
During a further search of the community by the police, two illegal firearms, a 9mm pistol and a shotgun, were seized.
The St. James police have named 32-year-old John Roach as a person of interest as they continue their investigations.
He is being asked to surrender immediately.
Radio Jamaica News was informed that members of the police and military conducted several operations on Wednesday in search of Roach and his crony.
Tuesday's incident ended a five-week lull in murders in St. James.

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