Police say speeding likely caused crash that killed two in Trelawny

Deputy Superintendent Winston Milton, Commanding Officer for the Trelawny Division
By Kimone Witter    
The Trelawny Police say speeding contributed to Tuesday morning's fatal two-vehicle collision at Spring Hill along the North Coast Highway.
The drivers of both vehicles - a grey Toyota Voxy, operated as a taxi, and a grey Toyota Axio - died at the scene.
They have been identified as 62-year-old taxi operator Byron Bryan of Duncans and 31-year-old Roderick Wray of Samuel Prospect, both in Trelawny.
Three passengers from the taxi were taken to hospital.
Deputy Superintendent Winston Milton, Commanding Officer for the Trelawny Division, said the crash occurred about 8:30 a.m. 
"The facts as we have them is that the driver of a Toyota Axio motorcar was proceeding in an easterly direction and the driver of the Voxy in an opposite direction - that is a western direction - when the driver of the Axio lost control of the vehicle, which hit a guardrail to its left and which [pushed] it into the path of the oncoming Toyota Voxy motorcar. It is evident based on the damage to both vehicles that at least one or both vehicles was speeding at the time of the impact," he reported.  
DSP Milton said despite repeated warnings from the police, motorists continue to speed on the North Coast Highway.
He said more than 600 traffic tickets have been issued along the thoroughfare since the start of the week. 
"We are imploring motorists again to be careful when using this corridor. This is a corridor that has a history of fatal and serious motor vehicle crashes. We know that a lot of motorists tend to have a false sense of confidence, they tell themselves that they cannot be the victim of motor vehicle collision. Consequently, they continue to speed and not heed the warning that we are giving to them." 
DSP Milton said there have now been seven fatalities from three crashes in the parish since the start of the year.
Two of the crashes, which occurred on the North Coast Highway in the last three days, have resulted in six of the deaths.

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