Residents affected by smoke from dump urged to mount a legal challenge

Attorney-at-Law Shirley-Ann Eaton says residents affected by smoke from the Riverton City disposal site could mount a class action suit against the government.

The issue has been brought back to the fore following complaints from residents of Cooreville Gardens and surrounding communities who say they are being affected by smoke from the Riverton City dump which was lit two weeks ago.

However, the National Solid Waste Management Authority said the smoke was not coming from the disposal site but the Riverton City community.

Under the Jamaican constitution, the citizens have the right to enjoy a healthy and productive environment, free from the threat of injury or damage from environmental abuse and degradation of the ecological heritage.

The residents have complained about health problems and the effects of the smoke on their property. 

Speaking Sunday on RJR's That's a Rap, Eaton conceded that, even if citizens are successful in the class action, they may have to wait for years before damages are paid out. 

She is calling for a solution to be found.

“Every year we have this problem, every year the citizens have to suffer and I’m tired of it on behalf of my people. Where can we find the money - just do it. Stop messing around with the health of our population. We know what we need to do,” Eaton declared .


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