Workers on North-South link of Highway 2000 now on strike

More than 150 Jamaican workers employed to China Harbour Engineering Company, (CHEC) on the North-South leg of  Highway 2000 in St. Ann, are off  the job.

The employees stopped working on Monday to protest against what they say is the unfair treatment being meted out to them by CHEC officials.

The workers are also upset about discrepancies with pay rates as well as the failure of  the company to provide salary slips.

A meeting was held on Tuesday with representatives of  CHEC and the National Workers Union (NWU) to discuss the matter, however, a settlement was not reached.

Khurt Fletcher, acting Assistant Island Supervisor of  the NWU, told RJR News that he  was expecting another response from CHEC on Wednesday "with respect to them honouring the Master Builders Association contract, which has all the JIC (Joint Industrial Council) rates and the terms of conditions on it."

The workers will not return to work, Fletcher said, "until we've got the assurances, in writing, that they will adhere to the rates... on the JIC document and also the terms of conditions."


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