Rowley warns of regional instability in relation to Venezuela-Guyana tension

Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago Dr Keith Rowley has warned that negotiations to gain access to Venezuela's natural gas in the Dragon field could be jeopardised by that country's territorial claim on the Essequibo region in Guyana.
In that retgard, Dr Rowley stressed on Tuesday that the last thing anyone would wish is for the region to be in a period of hostility.
Trinidad & Tobago is in talks with the Venezuelan Government to get a licence for the exploitation of the Dragon natural gas field, located to the north east of the Chaguaramas Peninsula.
Venezuelans are due to vote in a December 3 referendum on the country's claim on the Essequibo, a 160,000 square kilometre territory that was awarded to British Guiana by a Paris Arbitration Tribunal ruling in 1899. 
Britain ruled Guyana until the country gained its independence in May 1966.

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