T&T Archbishop wants ground-up approach to crime fight

As Trinidad and Tobago grapples with violence and crime, Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon believes this scourge can be mitigated by uplifting underdeveloped communities.

He made the comment while delivering the feature address at a gala dinner in San Fernando, on Saturday.

Archbishop Gordon said the real challenges facing T&T included the hedonistic culture that had taken over the country, crime and violence and the lack of values that have crept right through the society.

He said that while a common tradition in all religions was care for the poor and vulnerable, care must be more than just a hand-out.

He said it must extend to entire communities where underdevelopment for generations had produced very bad life choices for people who had grown up in those communities.

Gordon said the golden rule of all religions to "do onto others that you would have do onto you," should be made the heart of the value system of T&T.

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