80% of PEP students placed in a school of their choice, says Samuda

Karl Samuda
Education Minister Karl Samuda has said 80 per cent of students who were graded for this year's Primary Exit Profile (PEP) have been placed in secondary schools they selected.
Some 16 per cent of students were placed in schools that are close to the institutions they currently attend.
Another four per cent have been manually placed.
A total of 38,918 grade six students were placed in high schools. 
Mr. Samuda, who made the announcement during a digital media briefing Friday morning, noted that there was no playbook regarding the computation of students' scores as the situation brought on by COVID-19 was unique.  
"So we had to exercise the greatest amount of care and consideration and draw on the expertise both locally and internationally as to the process that should be followed in order to get the most accurate assessment for the children so that it would facilitate their moving on from primary school to secondary school," he said. 
Mr. Samuda said he is confident that the grades used to place the PEP students are fair. 
"None of these professionals who assess these children either know what a child looks like or sees the name of a child in the process.... So there's zero chance of any form of collaboration or contamination," he said. 
Private high schools engaged
Meanwhile, 25 private high schools have been engaged by the Education Ministry to accommodate one per cent of first form students who were graded for this year's PEP.
The Ministry of Education has been trying to find additional classroom spaces due to the need for physical distancing at schools.
Mr. Samuda said 525 students have been placed in private institutions, while the other 38,393 students were placed in public schools. 

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