Health professionals have mixed views on no-movement days

Dr Alfred Dawes, Dr Jacqueline Campbell, and Dr Alverston Bailey
There are mixed views within the health profession on whether the current lockdown measures should be extended when they expire on Wednesday, despite the latest poll finding that most Jamaicans support the no-movement days.
The RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll has found that 54 per cent of  Jamaicans support the measure while 35 per cent do not and 11 per cent are not sure if  the lockdowns are a good idea.
However, Dr Alfred Dawes, former Senior Medical Officer of  the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital, told Radio Jamaica's Beyond the Headlines on Monday that Jamaicans need a break.
A relaxation of some the containments measures might be good, he said, "because it is stifling for everyone".
He cited the difficulty associated with doing business on three days out of the week as one of the major constraints on the society.
As an alternative to the current lockdowns from Sunday to Tuesday, Dr Dawes is recommending a full weekend lockdown, while reopening for normal operations on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Dr Jacqueline Campbell, a family physician and lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of the West Indies, also questioned the effectiveness of the lockdowns, in the absence of sufficient data. 
She, like Dr Dawes, wants business interests to be taken into consideration as well, in determining whther to continue the current polic, arguing for the matter to be approached "in a balanced way".
Associate Professor of  Public Health at the University of  Technology Alverston Bailey thinks, on the other hand, that easing the restrictions would not be a good decision at this time.
He also said he was surprised by some of  the findings of  the latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll, noting that it is clear from the findings that many Jamaicans believe the government needs to get stricter in enforcing the containment measures.

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