Integrity Commission makes formal request for gov't to repeal 'gag order'

Greg Christie, Executive Director of the Integrity Commission
The Integrity Commission has formally written to the government via Parliament's Integrity Commission Oversight Committee for a repeal of the so-called 'gag order' on the organisation.
Section 53 (3) of the Integrity Commission Act prevents the commission from making any announcement that it has commenced an investigation or from providing an update on an investigation until the tabling of a report. 
Addressing the Integrity Commission Oversight Committee on Wednesday morning, Greg Christie, Executive Director of the Integrity Commission, said the document submitted to the committee includes several recommendations.
"In summary, we believe that we have advanced some positions which, having regard to those positions, we are respectfully submitting to this honourable committee and to the Parliament of Jamaica a recommendation that that provision be repealed from Integrity Commission Act," he said.
He added that due to the public interest regarding the matter, the Integrity Commission would be making the document public.  
Mr. Christie has said the gag clause does not augur well for building public trust and confidence.
The commission has in three annual reports called for the removal of the gag clause

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