Justice Ministry takes steps to have cops submit case files before laying charges

Delroy Chuck
Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has said his ministry is taking steps to ensure that police officers submit case files to the Director of Public Prosecutions or a clerk of court before they lay charges.
He addressed the matter at a digital media briefing Friday morning.
Mr. Chuck said the arrangement will prevent delays in the court system due to incomplete case files.
"...Before a charge can be laid a police officer, he should take the material to the DPP or to the clerk of court or to a recognised prosecutor to ensure that the material, the evidence available is sufficient to amount to a charge so that when he charges, the person can be taken to court immediately and within three months, no more than six months, the matter can be set for trial," he outlined. 
INDECOM without power to arrest 
The Justice Minister also provided details on the decision not to provide the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) with powers to arrest, charge or prosecute police officers.
Mr. Chuck said several changes would have to be made including INDECOM investigators being given firearms.
But Mr. Chuck believes those changes would have been inappropriate. Instead, he said the ministry thought it better if the "DPP inform a senior police officer to effect the arrest, lay the charge and thereafter prosecution can take place." 

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