More counterfeit goods seized in St. Andrew

Victor Barrett, Assistant Superintendent at C-TOC
With just seven months into the year, the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) is reporting that it has already surpassed the total value of fake goods seized last year.
More than $1.2 billion worth of counterfeit goods was seized last year, but Victor Barrett, Assistant Superintendent at C-TOC, says $1.5 billion worth of fake goods has been seized so far this year.
The latest seizure occurred Monday afternoon at Mannequin Pieces in Central Plaza, St. Andrew, where more than $500,000 worth of fake goods was seized.
ASP Barrett said one person has been taken into custody in relation the seizure. 
He warned people involved in the counterfeit trade to desist. "Find the manufacturers, get your line of credit; do the thing properly or you find other methods of earning some legit money, but if you continue to trade in the counterfeit goods, rest assured that C-TOC will be knocking at your doors," he cautioned. 

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