More than $70 million forfeited so far in 2018, says FID

Data from the Financial Investigation Division (FID) revealed that the amount of cash forfeited so far this year is more than $70 million, which has surpassed the 2017 figure. 
Althea Whyte, Acting Director of the Legal Services and Asset Management Unit at the FID, made the disclosure on Saturday during her presentation at a forensic evidence seminar.
In providing a breakdown, Ms. Whyte said in 2016, there were 14 cash forfeiture orders totalling $76.7 million. 
In 2017 there were 34 cash forfeiture orders totalling $57.1 million. 
Ms. Whyte said cash forfeiture orders so far this year have yielded more than $70 million. 
Several members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force participated in the three-day seminar.

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