Opposition doubts timeline for Traffic Ticket Management System will be met

Mikael Phillips
The Parliamentary Opposition has expressed doubt that the timeline given by National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang for the implementation of a Traffic Ticket Management System will be met.
Dr. Chang has reportedly given a commitment that the system will be ready by the end of March.
But in an interview with RJR News on Monday, Opposition Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips said he had lost confidence in the government's ability to introduce the system at the stated time. 
"What we are thinking is that the slow pace of implementing the new Traffic Management System is why the government is taking its time in bringing the regulations to the Road Traffic Act back to the House for approval and it has been disappointing to see the pace that the government has been moving in dealing with all aspects to do with Road Traffic Act and just road safety overall. So... I can't say that I have faith that the deadline will be met," he asserted.   
Mr. Phillips said it has taken too long for aspects of the new Road Traffic Act to be implemented as it has been in the works for about two years. 
"We, as an Opposition, had said to them that they should have at least started some public education on the aspects to do with the fines with the Road Traffic Act and to implement the Traffic Management System, but I'm hoping that in short order, they will have something in place and that the system can work efficiently," he said. 

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