Robinson renews call for mediation regarding Tablets in Schools project

Julian Robinson
Opposition Spokesman on Technology Julian Robinson on Friday renewed his call for the government to engage in mediation with GeoTechVision which is in a legal tussle in relation to the supply of devices for the Tablets in Schools project.
The dispute surrounds the government's claim that the tablet computers do not meet specifications.
But Mr. Robinson said the devices acquired by GeoTechVision are similar to those being sold locally.
"I called from June for the government to initiate mediation, to get an independent arbitrator to determine the quality of the specs of these tablets. That has not been done. But clearly there are others who believe the tablets are not just some equivalent but actually meet and exceed the requirements needed for schools and are selling them," he said. "So I think it is ridiculous from my perspective that students can't get tablets, but yet still these tablets are sitting here and there's no attempt being made to resolve the issues between the government and GeoTech." 
Mr. Robinson has urged Prime Minister Andrew Holness to intervene in the dispute.
Earlier this month, GeoTechVision claimed victimisation after it was left off the education ministry's list of approved tablet suppliers.

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