Jamaica Labour Party wins tight race

JLP leader Andrew Holness and PNP leader Portia Simpson Miller

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is to form the next government after defeating the People's National Party (PNP) in Thursday's general election. After being booted from power in 2011, the JLP, led by Andrew Holness won 33 seats to the PNP's 30.

There was a 47.5 per cent voter turnout.
Holness, in an address to supporters at the party's Belmont Road Headquarters late Thursday, promised an accountable and responsive Government.
"Our campaign was issues based, we focused on the things that you told us were important to you. We developed plans around them and we discussed those plans with you and we intend to be faithful to those plans. We will grow the Jamaican economy, we will create jobs."

Holness also outlined some of  the other plans of  the incoming administration.

"We will also address the water problem, we will address your housing problems, we will address your education problems and we will fix your health care problems. We know it is not an easy task because we have to do all of this while balancing the fiscal accounts of the nation."

PNP leader commends JLP

Out going Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, in her concession speech, acknowledged the JLP's victory but said her party was awaiting the recount of  ballots.

"Do not be angry. What happened happened, You must always know that we, the leaders, are here. The other side won. We must send strong persons at every constituency recount when they go through the ballots. Who we send are persons who must pay attention to everything, every detail; leave nothing to chance," she told supporters.

And PNP has warned that it intends to hold the JLP to the commitments it made on the campaign trail.

"The doubling of the minimum wage, we know all the things that were promised. The People's National Party and the Jamaican people is (sic) going to hold them to those promises," said PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke.


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