Omar Collymore facing life imprisonment following murder conviction

By Racquel Porter 
Omar Collymore, the man who was on trial for the 2018 contract killing of his wife, Simone Campbell-Collymore, and her driver was found guilty on Wednesday before the Home Circuit Court.
The seven-member jury deliberated for a little over two hours in returning the guilty verdict.
About 1:25 Wednesday afternoon, the courtroom stood still as the foreman stood to deliver the verdict.
Listening keenly, the four defendants, Omar Collymore, Michael Adams, Shaquilla Edwards and Dwayne Pink's eyes were glued to the foreman and similarly Mrs. Campbell-Collymore's relatives.
Responding to the registrar, the foreman delivered the unanimous verdicts.
Up first was Collymore who prosecutors say orchestrated his wife's murder.
He was found guilty of two counts of murder and conspiracy to murder.
Next was the accused contract killer, Michael Adams.
He, too, was found guilty on all three charges.
Shaquilla Edwards was found guilty of conspiracy to murder, but not guilty of murder.
Dwayne Pink was found guilty of two counts of murder and conspiracy to murder.
During the four-month trial, the prosecution presented evidence to show that Collymore hired Adams to facilitate the murder of his wife and that Edwards and Pink allegedly played a role in surveilling the businesswoman's movements before her death.
Wade Blackwood, a confessed member of the Unruly Gang and the star witness for the Crown, testified that he was told that the hit was for $2 million.
Blackwood, who pleaded guilty for his role in the incident, is currently serving two life sentences for the murders.
Among the evidence presented was that Collymore was the sole beneficiary on his wife's $21 million life insurance policy and was allotted 70 per cent of her second life insurance policy worth close to $80 million.
Prosecutors say he killed his wife to collect the insurance money.
Phone data evidence submitted by the Crown also showed that there was continuous communication between Collymore and the contract killer in the days leading up to his wife's murder.
The data showed that Collymore called his wife shortly before she was killed.
He also called the man whom he had contracted to have her killed, shortly after she shooting.
Collymore and Adams had denied the allegations and argued that the frequent communication was about business.
Prosecutors had reported that Collymore was captured at Norman Manley International Airport as he prepared to board a flight to the US on the day his wife was to be buried.
'Justice served'
Simone's father, Wayne Campbell, whose birthday is today, said the verdict is what he was expecting.
Reflecting on the last birthday he celebrated with his daughter, he recalled that she gifted him an iPhone.
Mr. Campbell noted that the verdict will not heal the family's pain, but argued that it is a testament that the justice system works. 
"I can stand here as a witness and say to people that, if you give the justice system a chance, it can work and it will work," he charged, as he thanked the police for their role in case. 
He also commended the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Mr. Campbell said it was painful to see Collymore on the stand slandering his family.
Simone's mother, Karen Campbell, pointed out that Collymore was like a son to her and that they had lived happily together.
Mrs. Campbell said she has forgiven the convicted shooter, Wade Blackwood.
She added that she's also opened to forgiving Collymore.

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