Provisions being made to allow disenfranchised police, soldiers to vote Monday

Director of Elections Glasspole Brown
By Prince Moore 
Director of Elections Glasspole Brown says provisions will be made to allow some voters who were disenfranchised on Thursday to cast their ballots on Monday during the Local Government Election.
Some members of the security forces were reportedly unable to vote at the National Police College of Jamaica and Mobile Reserve as ballot papers for the Bridgeport division and the mayoral candidates in the Municipality of Portmore were absent.
The EOJ convened an emergency meeting on Thursday to decide how to address the issue.
Mr. Brown told Radio Jamaica News that the matter will be resolved. 
"We are working out a solution there. Unfortunately, some ballots were not delivered over in that area. So we are working out an arrangement. Most likely we see our best to allow those individuals who were impacted to vote on Monday."
Mr. Brown declined to say what caused the discrepancy, noting that the EOJ is still investigating "so I don't want to comment on that until we complete our investigation".

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