T&T: PM Rowley bemoans slow pace of criminal justice process


Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago Dr Keith Rowley has expressed frustration at the slow pace of justice in the twin-island republic. 
Dr Rowley says the government is committed to removing the allure of crime, but he contends that chronic delays plaguing the criminal justice system pose a bigger problem than changing the Minister of National Security.
 "Many people who work in the area of managing the affairs of criminals, one of their strongest defences is 'Mr delay' and we need to get serious about that," he said.
In that regard, he pointed to other countries which were bedevilled by crime, "they eliminate delays; they bring people to court, they dispense with them, remove them from society and it brought down the crime."
"We are seeming to be going in the opposite direction," he said despairingly. 

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